Possibly Helpful Information


You've found this tiny little corner of the internet. Welcome! 

If you're here, you know what's up and what this is. If not, well...I'm not really sure how to explain it. I basically make sound related stuff? Idk. It changes all the time. I never set out to do this, it just kinda happened and here we are. I guess I'll keep it going for as long as there's interest and I have some time here and there to design and make stuff. It's been a lot of fun meeting you online and irl, seeing the music you make, and coasting off your vibes. I hope we can keep it goin! <3

A note on orders and shipping

The goal of this whole thing isn't to make beaucoup bucks. I just enjoy putting things together that appeal to me, and if you enjoy them too that's rad. Please keep in mind I'm just one person--this isn't a big operation. It all happens out of my tiny NYC apt office/closet/studio. Your patience is immensely appreciated with shipping and response times. If there are any issues with anything, do let me know! I'll work with you.

Sometimes shipping costs are exceptionally high (especially for international shipping and big orders), and they seem to be changing all the time. The website doesn't really keep up with this aspect. If you want to buy internationally or for big orders etc., reach out to me via dm or through the contact page. It'll save both of us money. I'm transparent throughout the process and will show you what it costs. Gracias. 

I'll also take your orders via dm or email, which will cut down on taxes and fees all that. Reach out to me!